Interim roles play a crucial part in ensuring the smooth operation of senior living communities. These temporary positions are often filled by experienced professionals who step in during periods of transition or when a permanent position is vacant. Interim roles provide stability and continuity in senior living communities. When key positions like executive directors or department heads are suddenly vacant, it can create uncertainty and disrupt the daily operations of the facility. By bringing in
In July 2023, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) added Medicare Part C High-Risk Diagnosis Codes (AKA Risk Adjustment) Tool Kit to their work plan, with the intention of creating a resource to assist Medicare Advantage (MA) organizations with analyzing the accuracy of their risk adjustment data, which, in turn, gets submitted to CMS for reimbursement purposes.  What is Risk Adjustment (RA)? Risk adjustment is: A process of modifying payments and setting benchmarks for chronic
Every day there seems to be yet another alternative to level of care for people seeking assistance with healthcare and other essential living needs. While it may be confusing, the wide berth of available services is necessary for people to receive the most appropriate level of care. Let’s look at the services most widely used in healthcare today.  Hospitals Of course this level is self-explanatory. If a patient has an acute (having severe symptoms and