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Why Choose ChartVerify®?

ChartVerify® allows providers to conduct routine documentation audits to support one of the greatest compliance risk areas in healthcare—technical and medical necessity compliance. ChartVerify® was designed to assist  compliance  officers, risk managers and auditors in implementing their audit plans while reducing the administrative burden of creating and rolling up meaningful and accurate reports upon completion of a documentation audit. When the audit is done, the report is instantly available.

There is increased attention on documentation to support technical and medical necessity compliance by all payers, not just the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

ChartVerify® tracks and trends the auditing over time, allowing the compliance officer to assess the effectiveness of the training to areas identified as being non-compliant. All of this is captured within a web-based documentation audit tool, without the use of spreadsheet applications.

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What is ChartVerify®?

Meet Medical Necessity Requirements

Captures technical and medical necessity supportive documentation.

Prevent Coding and Billing Errors

Allows comparison of technical and clinical documentation to billing and coding.

Identify Trends

Trends results over time to assess effectiveness of training.

Implement Role Based Security

Allows the compliance officer to assign auditing roles and rights access levels within the company profile while assigning unique usernames (role-based security).

Allow Multiple User Access

Supports multiple auditor access to the company profile when conducting documentation audits via a web/cloud-based environment.

Create Instant Downloadable Reports

Provides instant, downloadable word formatted audit reports. Reports can be pulled at the corporate, regional, facility, discipline and therapist level.

Optimize the Results of Your Next Chart Audit with ChartVerify®

“My company, Amity Physical Therapy, has been using ChartVerify for over a year now and have been very pleased thus far. Previously we used to use a paper self-auditing system and would have large files taking up lots of space of hand written Medicare chart reviews that would be very difficult to sort through. ChartVerify is all online making storage and organization extremely simple. It is also very helpful to be able to easily create quarterly reports and annual reports for individual clinicians, each office, or the company as a whole. I would strongly recommend this product to other healthcare professionals.”

Peter Geloso, DPT, Amity Physical Therapy

“ChartVerify has revolutionized our chart auditing process here at SPEAR Physical and Occupational Therapy. It allowed us to streamline our 20+ clinics and over 125 therapists into one easy, user-friend system that is accessible for all compliance officers and clinical directors regardless of their location. Its adaptable interface allows us to customize questions to make them SPEAR specific. The numerous reporting options allow for easy and specific data compilation and analysis. Output reports provide objective and effective feedback to our therapists.”

Jeremy Crow, SPEAR Physical Therapy

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