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Our LWEnSCheck® Exclusions Software allows exclusion monitoring of individuals (staff) and business partners, to ensure none are excluded from participating in receiving payment from Federally-funded programs.

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LWEnSCheck® Exclusions Software provides a cost-effective and efficient manner to conduct monthly exclusions.  The exclusions monitored can be customized to meet your business needs,  as many states and commercial payers are requiring monthly exclusions be conducted to support your businesses compliance program with this language being included in the executed payer contract.

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What do you need to know about Exclusions Checks?

Not conducting monthly exclusions monitoring poses a compliance risk and finding an “excluded individual” within your business relationships can result in fines and repayment. 

Remember – Businesses typically owe monies back to payers when an “excluded individual” is identified!

We have created an infographic that covers the key points you need to be aware of.

The Federal Government Continues to Target Excluded Individuals

Entities that receive Federal and State funds, such as payment for services, should, as recommended by OIG, screen the minimum two Federal databases—LEIE and SAM —at least monthly to ensure that employees, contractors and vendors are not excluded from participating in Federal health care programs. Many states have requirements to screen State Exclusion databases as well.

In one recent case, a provider was fined more than $300,000 for employing a single excluded individual. Read more…

Not Just Larger Providers

Regardless of size, companies receiving funding from Federally funded programs can incur Civil Monetary Penalties for Exclusions violations. The Government has authority to exclude individuals and entities, which include Nursing Facilities and Senior Living, Physicians and Hospitals, Home Health and Home Care Agencies, Hospice Agencies, Dentists and Dental groups, Therapy and Chiropractic providers, Behavioral Health, specialty providers, school districts, institutions of higher education, and more.

LWEnSCheck® Exclusions Software Seamlessly Integrates Into Your Organization.

Our team can assist you with exclusion checks, or your team can work directly within the software.

Option 1: Subscribe to LWEnSCheck®

Sign up for our LWEnSCheck® Exclusions Software subscription service to verify your staff and other business relationships are not federally excluded, state excluded, or sanctioned individuals and entities. You can perform individual verifications as well as batch lists. State-based exclusion lists are also available.

Option 2: Outsource to LW Consulting, Inc.

Outsource the task to us and we’ll ensure that all of your team members, vendors, and other business relationships are not Medicare, state excluded, or sanctioned individuals and entities. Contact us to discuss pricing for this option.

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