The Office of Inspector General (OIG) posted a report on 11/8/2023 that was rather concerning.  The report was entitled “Pennsylvania Could Better Ensure That Nursing Homes Comply with Federal Requirements for Life Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Infections Control”.  

What is Concerning About this Report?

There were a high number of deficiencies identified in the areas of life safety, emergency preparedness, and infection control in the 20 facilities that were selected for survey out of the total 701 facilities in Pennsylvania.

Review of the full report shows examples where it was clear that the facility was aware of requirements. There were examples where signs were posted to keep areas free from clutter, but they were not being followed in the life safety area.  Emergency plans were not completed. Neither were infection prevention and control and antibiotic stewardship programs in place.

Everyone knows that staffing is a root cause for things not being done properly.  However, the requirements are still expected to be in place regardless of staffing challenges.

What Should a Facility Do Next?

  • It is recommended that Nursing Facility operators review this report.  Your facility could be one of the 20 that were cited, or you could be next.
  • If you have not had a Mock Survey, you might want a fresh set of external eyes to point out areas where your facility is as risk, and support compliance with the regulations.

If you have questions about survey readiness for life safety, emergency preparedness, infection control, or any other F-Tag requirements, the consultants at LW Consulting, Inc. will be happy to assist you.  Reach out to Kay Hashagen at [email protected] or (410) 777-5999 or Annette Sanders at [email protected] or (717) 301-8074.