Interim staff play a crucial part in ensuring the smooth operation of senior living communities. These temporary positions are often filled by experienced professionals who step in during periods of transition or when a permanent position is vacant.

Interim roles provide stability and continuity in senior living communities. When key positions like executive directors or department heads are suddenly vacant, it can create uncertainty and disrupt the daily operations of the facility. By bringing in interim professionals, the community can maintain its services and ensure that residents continue to receive the care and support they need.

Interim roles allow for a seamless transition between permanent hires. Finding the right candidate for senior-level positions can take time. By appointing an interim professional, the community can bridge the gap and avoid rushing into a decision. This gives the organization ample time to conduct a thorough search, interview potential candidates, and select the most suitable person for the permanent role.

Interim roles provide an opportunity for fresh perspectives and expertise. Often, interim professionals bring with them a wealth of experience from various senior living communities. They can offer insights into best practices, suggest improvements, and implement changes to enhance the quality of care and services provided. This injection of new ideas and approaches can rejuvenate the community and lead to positive outcomes for residents and staff alike.

Additionally, interim roles serve as a safety net during unexpected circumstances. Emergencies, medical leaves, or sudden departures of key personnel can happen at any time. Having an interim professional readily available ensures that there is a capable individual who can step in immediately and provide the necessary leadership and support.

LW Consulting, Inc. can assist you in bridging the gap with a variety of interim roles, some of which are outlined below:

  • Executive Director (NHA)
  • Director/ Assistant Director of Nursing (DON/ ADON)
  • Nursing Management
  • CFO (Finance)
  • COO (Operations)
  • Director of Rehabilitation
  • Social Services
  • Sales/ Marketing (Admissions)
  • Recreation
  • Dietary
  • Environmental Services
  • Facilities/ Maintenance
  • Human Resources
  • Reimbursement (MDS)